The Retreats were developed to give both new and experienced Myofascial Release therapists a safe place to immerse, heal and learn. Each retreat brings together MFR therapists from all experience levels and from all over the Southern California area, for a weekend full of intense learning opportunities. We learn about ourselves, each other, and our clients. We learn many self-care techniques, including MFR stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises and how to use many self-care tools. We learn how to surrender to the moment our fascia releases, so we can experience full and intense healing. Each retreat's theme is specifically focused on one of the many ways to enhance our proprioceptive touch and awareness of what our clients' bodies need. We practice our MFR techniques, so they can be more productive for our clients. We learn how to dialog with our clients to help them reach internally to discover their own healing needs. Everyone returns home a changed individual - it's a magical experience starting Friday through Sunday. Our very own Brigadoon.

The first Fascia Retreat started back in 2012 in Catalina and we have continued with at least 2 per year, choosing beautiful Southern California destinations based on therapists suggestions! The retreats have blossomed into the most amazing experiences; bringing  exceptionally talented therapists together; forming lasting bonds; expanding the local MFR community; and enhancing our skill sets. Plus, the retreats are now approved for 13 CEUs for MTs,  OTs &  PTs. We look forward to sharing the next retreat weekend with you!

Objectives for each retreat:

  • Includes a series of 5 work study group sessions from Friday evening through Sunday noonish.
    • Friday night: Pelvis Work Study Group in pairs
    • Saturday morning: Shoulder Work Study Group in triads
    • Saturday afternoon: Group Unwinding outside or with live drumming
    • Saturday evening: Your choice of treatment or self-care
    • Sunday morning: Neck/Head Work Study Group in pairs or triads
  • Has a theme to assist you with enhancing your touch, awareness and understanding of Myofascial Release.
  • Introduces guidelines for each session that you can adopt for your own clients.
  • Creates an opportunity to advance your myofascial release skills in beautiful, serene settings.
  • Lets you re-familiarize yourself with MFR techniques and fine-tune your touch.
  • Each main section of the body will be addressed (pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, neck/head)
  • Includes MFR self-care & stretching techniques that you can also share with your clients.
  • Includes instruction on how to use self-care tools, such as fascia balls, Da Vinci Tools, etc.
  • Breaks through your own physical/emotional holding patterns in a safe setting.
  • Focuses on being able to viscerally increase your body awareness.
  • Shares your energy, experience, instincts and touch with a room full of gifted MFR therapists.
  • Allows you to walk away with new insights and skills to help facilitate your clients’ healing.
  • Includes one-on-one partnering, as well as group sessions to experience the benefits of both.
  • Includes group unwindings often experienced outdoors or with live drumming!
  • Presents a VERY SPECIAL GIFT for each therapist as a reminder of their learning, based on the theme.
  • 13 CEUs by Frances Nicolais, NCBTMB provider #1334 and CEC provider #CEC-956.

Learning Outcomes for Each Retreat:

  • Therapists will depart with more self-confidence in their practice.
  • Therapists will depart with a better understanding  of MFR techniques.
  • Therapists will depart with more awareness of how the body's fascia connects.
  • Therapists will depart with a more connected, proprioceptive touch in their practice.
  • Therapists will depart more centered in their own bodies.
  • Therapists will depart with a better understanding of how an MFR session should progress.
  • Therapists will depart with many new self-care techniques to share with their clients.

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