Build Your Own


We help you build YOUR own Fascia Retreat!

With over 24 Fascia Retreats under our belt, we can help you build your own retreat anywhere in the country! Since these retreats are based on the Myofascial Release style of John F. Barnes MFR Seminars, we recommend that all participants complete at least MFR1! However, as long as everyone has that prerequisite, we can create the very best retreat you have in mind for your therapists!

Here’s photos from our Vegas Build Your Own Retreat:

You choose:

  • City (we can help you find the proper lodging with a large enough meeting space to accommodate your team of therapists, if needed)
  • Dates
  • Number of Days
  • Types of Activities

Depending on what you feel your therapists need, we offer any combination below:

  • Plenty of hands-on practice time
  • MFR technique review
  • MFR techniques for specific body sections
  • MFR techniques for specific conditions
  • MFR unwinding
  • Self-care techniques with tools
  • Self-care techniques with unwinding
  • Field trips to relative museums or exhibits
  • Hypnotherapy/guided meditation

Your Fascia Retreat can be limited to your own group (minimum of 4 therapists must be registered), or it can be opened to other MFR therapists who wish to join. Prices vary depending on length and activities. Please email us for additional information.